Final Post…

This is the final post at and the final reminder that MEOW forks on the 24th and becomes Lynx. Starting on Dec 24th, MEOW will no longer be available on Cryptopia, so we recommend you move your MEOW off the exchanges by midnight tonight.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce that Lynx wallets will be available by January 1st (at and… LYNX will be available on Cryptopia by January 1st. At that time, your old MEOW coins will become LYNX and this phase of our project will be complete.

Thanks to everyone who supported this project along the way. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we hope you continue the journey with us as it moves forward. In the meantime, Happy New Year and we’ll see you at


Twitter: @getlynxio

Update: We’re putting the finishing touches on the Lynx website and it will be available soon. When it goes live, we’ll make an announcement here, but you can also find it at:


This is just a quick reminder to move your KittehCoin off the exchanges before Dec 24.  (#cryptopia #novaexchange) Lynx goes live on Dec 24 when it forks from KittehCoin. If you possess Kitteh before the 24th, then you’ll possess Lynx on the 24th (1:1). However, if your Kitteh is on an exchange before the fork, then you won’t.

Please spread the word. We don’t want to leave anyone behind!


Here is the public Github repository

Wanna see what we’ve been working on? We invite those in the Lynx community to visit and review our public Github repository. The history of recent committed code shows our progress and dedication to the project. We invite the Lynx community to review our informational wiki articles to find more technical information on how to get involved in the project. Continue reading “Here is the public Github repository”