Introducing Lynx

In July 2017, our development team began the work of forking the Kittehcoin project and we’re happy to announce that the resulting project is now named “Lynx.” Why did we name it Lynx?

It’s our way of paying homage to the early text-only web browser (Lynx) we used back in college in 1994. (#genX #greybeard). Lynx was (and will be) reliable, efficient, and stable. And second, the Lynx name extends the existing “feline legacy” first established with the name Kittehcoin.

Below is the Lynx logo and type-face.


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  1. I think the new coin looks really good. Litecoin was the right source code to use. I was hoping maybe it would go the minting route, however I carry mad bags of kitteh. I was hoping for incite on what your team planned to do as far as coin marketing or any sort of collaberations you all planned on working out. Maybe with pet suppliers or zoos. I really have high hopes for the future, thanks for continuing production on the coin.

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