October 25th Report

So… it’s been a while but we’re very happy to report, we’re right on track with Phase 1 of re-developing Kittehcoin. (See this post for an explanation of the phases.)

Here are the details:

In October 2017, we forked the current stable release of Litecoin and began porting over the full blockchain of the “old” Kittehcoin to the “new” Kittehcoin. Historically, it’s the same Kittehcoin blockchain but with slightly different technical specifications. Think of it as a fork of Kittehcoin but with a huge upgrade because all the features of Litecoin will now be features of the “new” Kittehcoin. 

So if you already own Kittehcoin… you automatically own the new, upgraded coin. Technically, this is similar to the process that created Bitcoin Cash. For some background on that, you can read this article.

Now, we’re working on how to port the historical blockchain over so your “old” private keys still work with the “new” Kittehcoin. Ultimately the objective is to see the “old” Kittehcoin die and let the “new” upgraded coin take its place.

Stay tuned for more Phase 1 developments…

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