Here is the public Github repository

Wanna see what we’ve been working on? We invite those in the Lynx community to visit and review our public Github repository. The history of recent committed code shows our progress and dedication to the project. We invite the Lynx community to review our informational wiki articles to find more technical information on how to get involved in the project.

Lynx will primarily be a ‘down stream’ version of Litecoin. Whenever Litecoin comes out with new features, we will absorb those features into Lynx. This is a common open-source pattern (i.e. CentOS is a ‘down stream’ of Redhat Linux and Lynx is a ‘down-stream’ of Litecoin.) As a result, we probably won’t be writing new code directly for Lynx, but instead upgrading the coin to match Litecoin as needed. However, we WILL be working on several integration projects with Lynx (like a wallet and closed-circuit application implementations) that will increase liquidity.

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